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Distribution Board - Fabrication

Distribution Board - Fabrication

Utilising customer supplied distribution Boards, MEF can receive delivery direct from your supplier,
and unpack ready for fabrication.

We can fully mount your choice of trunking size to all external surfaces of the DB, fully slotting the DB
and the trunking to suit your choice of wiring method, attaching flanges or take-off bend as required.

We can fit Tufnol / Paxoline to all slots or wrap all edges in Grommet strip to reduce cable chaffing.

All trunking turnbuckles can be fully fitted and aligned to engineer a neater more aesthetically pleasing finished product.

All breakers can also be fitted, ready to accept wiring on site


  • No on-site downtime
  • Quality of finished product
  • Ready to hang on wall
  • Reduced waste, no leftover components
  • No requirement for on-site cutting
  • Manufactured using customer supplied DB’s

A choice of slotting requirements                                                        PDF of Distribution Board Fabrication