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Fabrication - Brackets

Fabrication - Brackets

MEF has operated a fabrication service for some 23 years, and we have made a significant investment in plant, machinery and materials over that period.  We currently operate an unrivalled fabrication service with our sector, with a skilled labour force to back it up.

We operate various machinery including, a 50T metalworker, spot welding machine, various band saws and a full welding facility.

Whether it is large or small quantities we “jig” all bracketry to ensure consistency of size and quality. Pipework and Electrical containment can be pre-fabricated into the brackets prior to delivery to site, freeing up the skilled labour on site, and taking away the uncertainty of predicting site labour hours.


  • Efficient use of Skilled labour
  • Precision engineered parts
  • Speed up on-site installation
  • Reduction of waste on site
  • Fixed up front costs
  • No hidden (unknown) costs
  • No hot works permits required
  • Increased accuracy of brackets
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