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Channel Cutting & Fabrication


Welcome to MEF Pre-Fabrication and Assembly…

MEF has operated a fabrication service for some 23 years, and we have made a significant investment in plant, machinery and materials over that period.
We currently operate an unrivalled fabrication service with our sector, with a skilled labour force to back it up.

We operate various machinery including, a 50T metalworker, spot welding machine, various band saws and a full welding facility.

Whether it is large or small quantities we “jig” all bracketry to ensure consistency of size and quality. Pipework and Electrical containment can be pre-fabricated
into the brackets prior to delivery to site, freeing up the skilled labour on site, and taking away the uncertainty of predicting site labour hours.

Channel Cutting Service - In our dedicated fabrication workshop we can cut up to 1000 Lengths of channel per day and due to the fact that t
he channel is cut in a machine manufactured for the purpose the quality and precision of the cuts is constant.

Distribution Board Fabrication - Utilising customer supplied distribution Boards, MEF can receive delivery direct from your supplier, and unpack ready for fabrication.

We can fully mount your choice of trunking size to all external surfaces of the DB, fully slotting the DB and the trunking to suit your choice of wiring method,
attaching flanges or take-off bend as required.